Does your Bathroom, Kitchen or Laundry need renovating?

We are here to help.

Byron Bay Renovations

With over 30 years industry experience and an unwavering eye for detail, Byron Bay Renovations is the first place to go for your Bathroom, Kitchen or Laundry Renovation.

For a small fee,

  1. We come out to your site, measure the space and discuss your specification requirements.

  2. Create a 3D model of your Bathroom, Kitchen or Laundry

  3. Online meeting to finalise plans, specification schedule.

  4. We provide you with complete 2D plans and elevations, basic 3D flyover movie.

  5. Specification schedule

  6. Competitive quote including timeline schedule.

  7. You can use these documents to be sure to get a competitive quote.

If you choose to build with us,

Byron Bay Renovations provides expert guidance throughout the whole renovation process. 

Our “meet to complete" system will provide you with complete clarity as the stage your job is at and how long until completion. 

Working with both 2D and 3D plans will create a complete picture of how your new space will look. 

Yo​u bring the inspiration, we bring the know how to make sure you get everything you want out of your new space.

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Kitchen Renovation

Solid oak timber lining wraps the hidden Butlers pantry.